[lug] tips on upgrading a WRT54G

steve at badcheese.com steve at badcheese.com
Mon Mar 12 08:23:36 MDT 2007

I've done the dd-wrt upgrade (router works better now than with the 
linksys firmware) on a V5 WRT54G.  The only thing that I'd worry about is 
the rev of your router.  It sounds like since you've had it for 2 years 
that it's an earlier rev and it'll be easy to upgrade, but make sure you 
know the rev of your AP before you upgrade because there are different 
procedures for different revs.

dd-wrt is by far the best (but the tomato one has some slick javascript 
live traffic charts that I wouldn't mind having) IMHO but it's open 
source, so try one out, then try another if you'd like.  That's the cool 
thing about this kind of hardware hack - you can switch back and forth and 
try them all out if you want to.

- Steve

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> Subject: [lug] tips on upgrading a WRT54G
> I've got one of these at home, it's about 2 years old now I think, that
> is giving us some problems (seems to lock up loading pages with lots of
> thumbnails from my wife's website).  I want to upgrade it - never done
> it before.  Not sure which model I have since I'm at work but I'll check
> it when I go home for lunch.  Looking for tips on doing an upgrade
> without turning it into a doorstop.
> I found the following sites related to this box.  Anyone got any others
> they can recommend?  Anyone have a recommended firmware distribution?  I
> see OpenWRT and DD-WRT, not to mention the commercial Sveasoft option.
> I'm sure there are others.
> http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/tutorials/article.php/3562391
> http://wiki.openwrt.org/
> http://www.dd-wrt.com/dd-wrtv2/index.php
> http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.php
> http://www.wrt54g.net/
> Thanks.

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