[lug] DNS transition: *.co.us from Westnet to Neustar

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Wed Mar 14 08:12:26 MDT 2007

The Boulder LUG and the Boulder Community Network can keep our domain
names :-)

After months of uncertainty, I'm happy to see we have a good resolution.
Thanks to Eric Sisler of the Westminster Public Library for his help
making this happen.

Neal McBurnett                 http://mcburnett.org/neal/

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March 14, 2007


To:    Users of CO.US Domain Name Services Supported by Westnet

From:  Patrick J. Burns, former Director of Westnet, and
            David C. M. Wood, former Technical Manager of Westnet
            Keith Drazek, Senior Manager, Industry & Government
            Relations, Neustar
RE:      Neustar Assumption of Westnet Domain Name Services for CO.US

On December 20, 2006, we sent out notification to users of old Westnet Domain
Name Services (DNS) for various sub-domains of CO.US that Westnet would be
ceasing support for those services effective April 1, 2007.  At the time of
that communication, we did not have a solution for continuation of those
services.  Happily, we now have a solution for continuance of old Westnet DNS
services that we regard as excellent in every respect.   Neustar, the managers
of the .US hierarchy has agreed to maintain these services effective April 11,
2007 at no charge.  This should be completely transparent to users of old
Westnet DNS for CO.US.  Effective April 11, 2007, you should contact Neustar
for any issues related to sub-domains of CO.US.

For more information about NeuStar, the .US Administrator under contract with
the U.S. Department of Commerce, visit http://www.neustar.us/. To review an
official .US locality domain fact sheet prepared by the U.S. Department of
Commerce, visit http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/usca/

To summarize

 1. Neustar has agreed to take back the CO.US Domain Name Service zones that it
    had previously delegated to Westnet. We have already transferred all the
    CO.US zone files.
 2. Neustar will implement those CO.US zone files by April 11 (Sunday), 2007.
 3. Neustar will stop referring any DNS queries for any CO.US domains to
    Westnet on April 11, 2007. This should be completely transparent to you.
 4. Effective April 11, 2007, you will contact Neustar for support of your
    CO.US DNS, as follows:
     a. Email requests:  support.us at neustar.us
     b. Telephone requests:  1 (888) 415-0365
 5. After today, March 14, 2007, any changes desired to sub-domains of CO.US
    that were delegated to Westnet should be sent to Neustar.  Neustar will act
    upon those desired changed shortly after April 11, 2007.  This ?dead
    period? will be used for transition and testing.  Please try to avoid
    making any changes during this one week transition period.

We are doing our best to contact all holders of CO.US domains that have been
supported by Westnet, and request that you inform others who might also be
affected by this. Please use all communications means including email, word of
mouth, posting on web sites, etc. to inform your peers who may be affected by
this transition. If you have any questions concerning this matter please feel
free to contact Patrick J. Burns, at 970.491.5778.

Patrick J. Burns
Vice President for Information Technology
Colorado State University - Mail Stop 1018
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Voice: (970) 491-5778
FAX: (970) 491-1958

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