[lug] new install

Ken MacFerrin lists at macferrin.com
Thu Mar 15 14:28:35 MDT 2007

> I've got a 64-Meg 200Mhz Pentium-1 desktop (why do I keep it around?)
> that's running Gentoo Linux now.  It could run X, but I don't run X just
> because I think that 64M is a little too low to run firefox, but 128M
> should be fine to do the basic desktop stuff without swapping too much.
> :)  I use my 64M machine mostly to do bittorrent and stuff.  I don't
> care how long it takes and the networking is the same as it is on a
> beafy machine, so I'm content with it.  I *have* installed a full Suse
> (9.2, I think) distro on my 64M machine once, but was too slow for
> desktop use.

Alright.. Gentoo is my favorite desktop distro and what I run on my main
workstation.. but on a 200Mhz/64M system?.. ouch.  I'm guessing gcc must
take about a full day to compile?

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