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siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Fri Mar 16 20:41:56 MDT 2007

Does anyone know of a tax CPA that can accept GNU Cash files instead of
Quick book files?


I have GNU Cash on my "to do" list of things to learn. But if I did convert
to it, would I need a CPA that runs GNU cash (or could I extract the data to
QuickBooks compatible files)?


So presently my bookkeeper and CPA are expressing dismay that I refuse to
send my quickbook files thru email. My bookkeeper said she recently sent the
quickbook files for a (I'm guessing) 50 employee client of hers thru email
to a CPA.


I'm having to make another car trip to the next town because my CPA cannot
read my quickbook files from the CD I made him. For some reason, he wants
quickbook backup files instead of the actual quick book data files. We don't
understand why he cannot read the quick book data files.


So these quick book files contain credit card numbers and social security
numbers and all my banking and credit card transactions.


My CPA thinks I'm crazy because everyone else sends their quickbook files to
him thru email.


I tried to educate my CPA about hushmail last year but he was not open to


What is your opinion? Do you send this kind of information thru email? 


Does the bookkeeper of the company you work for send your SSN thru email to
a CPA?


Thanks for your opinions!


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