[lug] Fiber channel card that works with the stock RHEL 4 Kernel?

Charles Hutchinson chutchin at geekboi.org
Tue Apr 3 20:06:12 MDT 2007

Bryan H Shelton wrote:
> Hi all.  We're looking for a good fiber channel card, or card
> manufacturer, for a linux box running RHEL4 that has either native
> support in the kernel or good support for compiling the kernel modules
> into the RHEL 4 kernel.  We're wanting to attach our linux box to an
> Apple XRaid.  If anyone has tried some fiber channel cards they've been
> happy with, I'd appreciate some advice.

We have had very good luck with the Qlogic line of cards with our
HP/Compaq VA and EVA SAN arrays.  We have used single and dual channel
PCI-X and PCIe cards.  No troubles at all with drivers for RHEL3 or 4.


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