[lug] Denver Front Range Code Camp v2: May 19th

Sami Luif sami.luif at luifit.net
Tue Apr 10 20:30:25 MDT 2007

Agree, there was a bunch of Windows stuff last year.

Our goal this year is to have code camp as diversified as possible.  We would love to flood this year's event with non-Windows presentations :)  Please sign up to present and attend!

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> Neal McBurnett wrote:
> > See the message below and this link for info on Denver Front Range
> > Code Camp v2, all day, Saturday May 19th:
> Looks like fun but boy did they have a lot of Windows stuff last year.
> So if I go, which shirt should I wear?
> I have a LISA shirt, since I'm more sys admin than coder.
> I have a Linux World shirt, of course.
> Or I could wear my Sun "No, I won't fix your computer" shirt.  Which I 
> take as "Sun people are meanies" since most Linux people I know would 
> gladly fix your computer.  (Boot this, click install, and your computer 
> is fixed. ;-)
> Dave
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