[lug] CLUE installfest, less than 3 days!

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed May 16 22:45:00 MDT 2007

Here's some more info about the installfest this Saturday.  The people
at DeVry were awesome about taking care of what we needed.  I know it's 
a bit of a drive from the north side of town but the building and view 
are worth seeing so think about stopping by.

If you're coming after 1pm, see below.

There will be wireless, and the usual KVM equipment.

On the map, coming from Orchard, Greenwood Plaza Blvd is the light
between I-25 and Quebec.  It curves around and hits Caley/Fiddler's
Green Cr at a light.  Coming from other directions should be

The driveway is on the east edge of the building (it's the imposing one
set back from the NE corner by landscaping).  At the end of the driveway
is a circle where you can stop to unload.  Enter the atrium and go left
into the east wing.  We'll be in room 117, just down the hall to the right.

You can park in the garage, either visitors' spaces or regular.  There's
a gate for the regular spaces and if it isn't up we can get the code.

The atrium and exterior doors will be locked after about 1pm.  If you
arrive later you can page me at 303-553-1233.  I'll see if I can get a
cell phone number for you to call.  (Room 117 has windows on the east
edge of the building too, if you're a luddite like me).

I probably won't have much time to update my distros so I'm not planning
to bring the boot server.  If there's something specific you want shout
here and I'll try to get it, and maybe someone else already has it.

I expect to get lunch like we have in the past, pizza unless someone has
a better idea.  Maybe in the future we'll be organized enough to order
from a deli or something.

It's looking like this will be a great time, hope to see you there.


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