[lug] Wireless networking questions

Stephen Queen svqueen at gmail.com
Fri May 25 06:37:44 MDT 2007

I am trying to put together an ad-hoc wireless network using olsr as
the routing protocol. I have some questions about about wireless

When I first start bringing up the nodes, some of them come up in an
associated state on the correct channel and others don't. The nodes
that are not associated, are not even on the correct channel. The only
way I seem to be able to get them to join the network, is to reboot
the machine, Sometimes, several times. Just restarting the network, or
running iwconfig on the unconnected node does not seem to work.

My questions are:

Where does the Cell identity come from and how is it arbitrated?

How do I get a node to connect the first time it boots?

If a node doesn't connect at boot time, how do I get it to connect
without completely rebooting?

Steve Queen

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