Neuros OSD was: [lug] ivtv: now what?

Mike Stanczyk stanczyk at
Tue Jun 5 14:10:40 MDT 2007

On Tue, 5 Jun 2007, Sean Reifschneider wrote:

> Last week I ordered one of the Neuros OSD boxes and have since converted 5
> or 6 VHS tapes to digital format with it.  I had it recording literally
> within 15 minutes of opening the box.  I just stuck my SD card from my
> camera in the device and pressed "record" on the remote.
> I have just completed setting up a Samba server for it to record to, so I
> can do it without the added step of copying from the memory card.
> The OSD runs Linux, and while it has some rough edges (one I find most
> annoying is that the on screen display is often not very responsive), for
> taking a VHS tape and turning it into a digital file, I'd say it was worth
> the $230 it costs, just because it didn't take much farting around to get
> working.
> It will also play some video files (though most of the ones I had available
> it wouldn't play, including a couple recorded on my camera), and it will
> play Ogg files.

Can you detail what files worked/didn't work?  My Mythtv box uses Hauppage 
PVR-150 cards and produces Mpeg-4 files at 2.2Gig/hour.   I've had lots of
problems with playback on anything other than a powerful laptop or a 
dedicated front-end.  I'm looking for a box too...


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