[lug] LAMP FTP setup

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Wed Jun 6 09:22:05 MDT 2007

Nate Duehr wrote:
> On Jun 5, 2007, at 10:12 PM, George Sexton wrote:
>> As has been beaten to death here, FTP is brain dead. There are plenty 
>> of free SSH clients, including Windows ones. Make them use SSH.
> Wow this is headed off into the ditch.  The guy asked for help for 
> people who are obviously using his server to host websites, and the 
> typical tools low-end website writers use have FTP built in.  Many 
> don't have ssh or don't know how to use it.
Dreamweaver has SSH support built into it. WinSCP, and FileZilla are no 
harder to use than any other GUI FTP client.
> Should he teach a few of them how to use better tools like SSH?  
> Sure... but it doesn't address his problem -- he wants the end-users 
> of the website to be able to upload to their sites securely.
Since FTP passes the User name and Password as clear text,  don't think 
it's possible to use FTP and secure in the same sentence.

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