[lug] LAMP FTP setup

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 18:27:05 MDT 2007

> > people who are obviously using his server to host
> websites, and the 
> > typical tools low-end website writers use have FTP
> built in.  Many 
> > don't have ssh or don't know how to use it.
> Dreamweaver has SSH support built into it. WinSCP,
> and FileZilla are no 
> harder to use than any other GUI FTP client.

not sure i'm following the point here 

> Since FTP passes the User name and Password as clear
> text,  don't think 
> it's possible to use FTP and secure in the same
> sentence.

i used ftp generically.. i meant sftp.. sorry for the
confusion.  i would never enable vanilla ftp on my

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