[lug] LAMP FTP setup

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 18:31:53 MDT 2007

> Personally, I think the overall problem is most
> elegantly "fixed" by  
> not doing virtual sites at all, but by
> virtualization of the "whole"  
> machine.

nate you make some good points but for my setup, it's
rather overkill or at least more than i want to deal
with right now.  and it's not really cost effective
for the performance tradeoff and extra admin hit

> You can spend hours/days/years trying to keep users
> that should not  
> "trust" each other on a multi-user box from ever
> stumbling over each  
> other, at the cost of great amounts of time -- 

george's solution seemed pretty simple and keeps the
sandbox to an absolute minimum.  so do some of the ftp
solutions.  they didn't seem that intensive.

> you can just give  
> each user their own virtual box and then work on
> things like  
> automating the security and other updates for those
> virtual machines  
> in an efficient way that is well-communicated to the
> end-users.  

always a tradeoff.. one update on one machine versus
multiple updates on multiple virtual machines.  of
course the ultimate benefit is if one is breached or
collapses, only that vmachine goes down.

that said, my next server will probably be heading in
this direction for the sites that really require it.


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