[lug] Re: ivtv: video works! (but audio?)

Steve Sullivan sullivan at mathcom.com
Fri Jun 8 07:34:43 MDT 2007

Ken Weinert wrote
 > A really dumb question - are you sure your audio channels aren't muted?  
 > That seems to be the default anymore.  I know I've spent a few minutes 
 > from time to time after bringing up a new system trying to sort out why 
 > the sound isn't working. SInce it sounds like you might have additional 
 > sound devices, they could be muted.

Good question.  I think everything is enabled.  I started up
KMix and put every slider, both input and output, above 80%.
Then tried all the various switches.  But no sound comes through.

Reading the KMix manual, it says that if I have multiple sound
cards a selector will appear, to choose which sound card.  I have one sound
card, but should the Hauppauge card appear as another sound card?
I tried to add the Hauppauge card as a second sound card but,
among maybe 100 sound card vendors, Hauppauge isn't listed.

The existing sound card works - when I connect the VCR audio out to it
I can hear it.  But then I lose the synch between video and audio.
Shouldn't I be able to get the audio through the Hauppauge?

Many thanks,


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