[lug] server spec

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 19:01:29 MDT 2007

> If you don't need ECC RAM, and DDR2 533 or 667 works
> for you, you can
> get Crucial 1 gig DIMMs for $40-$45 each from
> crucial.com or
> newegg.com.

cheap ram is good!

> IIRC, Tummy.com currently recommends Hitachi hard
> drives.

caught the recent posts here that raised some concerns
about seagates..  in my rearview.

> My own personal prejudice - if you're using an Intel
> CPU, put it on an
> Intel motherboard.

good tip

> I _think_ you'll pay a big premium for a dual-socket
> motherboard.
> IIRC, CPUs need to be near-identical (same stepping
> version), so you
> may have to buy 2 CPUs "later", rather than a twin
> for your starter
> single CPU.

on my checklist if i choose a single to start with.

> Given the recent emphasis on multiple core CPUs, I
> think you'd be
> better off getting the most advanced single-CPU
> board, and figure you
> can plug in a Core Quattro (or whatever they're
> calling it then) when
> you need more horsepower.

that's possible.  another source seemingly convinced
me that a dual cpu would always be better performance
wise than a SINGLE dual and probably a quattro core.

I'm probably steering towards the dual cpu direction
but you present a vaild alternative upgrade path.


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