[lug] server spec

Calvin Dodge caldodge at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 19:10:02 MDT 2007

On 6/8/07, karl horlen <horlenkarl at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > If you don't need ECC RAM, and DDR2 533 or 667 works
> > for you, you can
> > get Crucial 1 gig DIMMs for $40-$45 each from
> > crucial.com or
> > newegg.com.
> cheap ram is good!


It's not cheap - it's inexpensive (kinda like finding a new Honda
Civic for $8000). Crucial is generally regarded (by PC hardware people
I trust) as the best available.


Yes, I goggled at the price too. That's why I bought 4 from Newegg,
even though it meant I had to buy an AM2-socketed motherboard (all my
previous boards used DDR RAM).

Anecdote time: 2-3 years ago a hardware review web site did an
exhaustive comparison of different Athlon motherboards combined with a
variety of RAM brands. Some boards would not even boot up with some
brands of RAM, and only one brand of RAM worked with every motherboard
- Crucial.


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