[lug] server spec

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 19:10:51 MDT 2007

> > - 2 disk sata raid 1 mirror (obviously not for
> speed -
> > redundancy)
> You didn't say HW RAID, that will cut into your
> cost.  But SW RAID seems 
> to be a reasonable choice for cheap servers (mine
> are the $300 variety 
> though).

I just posted in another reply it's goign to be SW
raid and explained why...

> Aren't there benchmarks out
> there that would 
> help you rate Xeon vs. Core2 vs. dual CPU/core?  The
> SPEC people maybe.

Unfortunately (or sadly ;-)), i'm not a benchmark guy.
 i find it difficult to relate those numbers to real
world examples which is why i'm looking for real world
experience.  i'm not so sure those numbers aren't
doctored / mainp'd to make them say what you want them

> I'd say you're better off talking to SAGE or LOPSA
> then.

not familiar with those..

> I'd say it's cheaper to buy more CPU/RAM/boxes than
> to spend a lot of 
> time optimizing.  What exactly do you mean by sw
> optimization?

well, apache can be optimized.  so can mysql. so can
php.  caching / config options. so can the cms and
site pages, how css and js files are delivered, etc. 
for a server that is functioning solely as a web
server, it can help a lot (and it's free!).

ultimately more RAM seems to be the best bang for the

> Good luck!  Your experience might make a good BLUG
> talk.  (And then you 
> could do the circuit--CLUE, NCLUG, etc--and then
> you'd be famous! ;-)

it might very well be.  i'll keep it in mind!

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