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karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 20:38:31 MDT 2007

> We've had good luck with both Kingston and Crucial,
> but ordering from
> Crucial's site is so easy, and their RAM so good, I
> prefer to go that way.
> And, they charge so little for shipping, even if I'm
> buying components
> someplace else, it's not worth the chance of buying
> the wrong RAM, to order
> anyplace else.

Now you sound like vp of sales ;-)..  

Actually, i'm glad you all posted your rave reviews
and insights on crucial.  

Buying ram can be a real pain in the [..].  Especially
for older systems that are still functioning well.  If
you folks think they're the sh!t, then i won't waste
my time shopping all over kingdom come next go round. 
I always thought their prices were a *lot* higher (but
that's more based on heresay then fact).  If i can
find what i need QUIKCLY and KNOW THAT IT'S ACTUALLY
it is a little bit more expensive... it's worth it.

thanks for those that shared your love for crucial (i
bet they're glad you did too!)
> I don't have any affiliation with either Kingston or
> Crucial. I just buy
> their stuff.
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