[lug] server spec

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Fri Jun 8 21:18:48 MDT 2007

karl horlen wrote:
> I just posted in another reply it's goign to be SW raid and explained
> why...

Doubling the SATA controllers will give you some redundancy but I don't
think you're going to get much benefit (in terms of uptime) for only $1200.

>> Aren't there benchmarks out there that would help you rate Xeon vs.
>>  Core2 vs. dual CPU/core?  The SPEC people maybe.
> Unfortunately (or sadly ;-)), i'm not a benchmark guy. i find it 
> difficult to relate those numbers to real world examples which is why
>  i'm looking for real world experience.  i'm not so sure those
> numbers aren't doctored / mainp'd to make them say what you want them
> to.

I don't mean the benchmarks tell you what you need to handle your load.
  They tell you whether dual CPUs are better than dual cores, etc.

>> What exactly do you mean by sw optimization?
> well, apache can be optimized.  so can mysql. so can php.  caching /
> config options. so can the cms and site pages, how css and js files
> are delivered, etc. for a server that is functioning solely as a web 
> server, it can help a lot (and it's free!).

That's not really an answer.  But thanks anyway.


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