[lug] server spec

Steve Lowe sdlowe at mac.com
Mon Jun 11 13:35:12 MDT 2007

On Jun 11, 2007, at 12:55 PM, karl horlen wrote:

>> I've had two SuperMicro machines destroy themselves
>> after the
>> internal fans failed on their 1RU rackmount servers.
>> 1RU is just tough to cool off, no matter how you
>> slice it.  I think
> thanks for that firsthand experience.  good to know
> that!
> wonder if other's out there have experienced similar
> with their 1u racks?
We have about 15 supermicro 1U boxes in various configurations. The  
oldest machines are about 3 years old now. We've had zero failures so  
far - but I'm planning to be at our data center (all our stuff is  
colo'd at ViaWest) tomorrow, and will be visually inspecting the fans :)

Steve Lowe
sdlowe at mac.com

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