[lug] Proxy Server for rdesktop?

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Tue Jun 12 23:38:22 MDT 2007

I have a VPN client on a computer. Unfortunately, I am not, as a matter of
my client's security policy, allowed to install that VPN client on
additional computers in my home office.

This is inconvenient. I would like to use remote desktop from additional
computers in my home office. Can someone recommend a proxy server I can
install on the computer running the VPN client that would allow me to use
rdesktop from any of my home office machines and log into my client's
machines at my client's site via the VPN client?

I think Apache HTTPD has this feature but I am not sure if this is the ideal
tool. I've never set it up this way and I don't know what ports rdesktop
uses anyway. Can someone tell me what ports remote desk top uses and
recommend a proxy server?

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