[lug] help needed with LVM situation

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Jun 13 09:05:41 MDT 2007

Nate Duehr wrote:
> A friend of mine recently passed away


> So I'm appealing to the LVM gurus here... any thoughts?

Knoppix.  When Knoppix hasn't worked because of major changes in kernel, 
LVM, etc, I've used Ubuntu or other live CD.

Obviously you need a place to put the data.  And you should image the 
disk as thoroughly as possible before doing anything that will change 
it.  But a recent Knoppix should have everything you need to run the 
disk, activate the LVM, and mount the partitions.

Except for remembering the commands that usually only run from init.d 
this should be really easy.  If you can get someone with Linux 
experience to help it would minimize the side trips.  And I like to keep 
notes of these kinds of projects on a Wiki, in case I have to do it 
again or I get a chance to present on it at a LUG meeting.

I haven't had two drives with the same VGs on them but I have duplicated 
a drive and then wanted to rename the VGs to the original (and wasn't 
able to boot the new drive until that was done).  I used a live CD for 
that too.


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