[lug] Proxy Server for rdesktop?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Jun 13 09:25:17 MDT 2007

Unless this is a long term gig it may not be worth the effort.

siegfried wrote:
> I have a VPN client on a computer. Unfortunately, I am not, as a matter of
> my client's security policy, allowed to install that VPN client on
> additional computers in my home office.

Do you have a written copy of the policy?  Can you tell what the actual 
objective is?  What do they approve of on one machine that they 
disapprove of on others?  Which client?

You ought to have some idea whether using multiple machines (even via 
one client) violates the spirit of the policy.

> This is inconvenient. I would like to use remote desktop from additional
> computers in my home office. Can someone recommend a proxy server I can
> install on the computer running the VPN client that would allow me to use
> rdesktop from any of my home office machines and log into my client's
> machines at my client's site via the VPN client?

I don't think you really need a proxy, especially if one isn't easy to 
find.  You can either have the VPN client route for your home network 
(easy with openvpn, maybe harder with e.g. Cisco's client).  Or you can 
port forward with SSH.  Google knows which port rdesktop typically uses.

Or you could do all your work on one machine.  I'd rather see everything 
on one screen than have to move between machines.  Might be a good 
excuse to get a dual head setup.


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