[lug] help needed with LVM situation

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Jun 14 09:55:27 MDT 2007

User Dan Ferris wrote:
> Be careful, knoppix only got LVM support recently, and it might have 
> only LVM v 2.

Seems to me it's been more than a year for LVM2, and it had LVM1 before 
that.  Well, maybe I remember wrong.  You'd like to get a version that 
has a kernel you're familiar with.  Using 2.4 always confuses me since 
udev et. al. are missing.

But the Knoppix LVM2 is as good as any.  And you can apt-get other 
things once you've booted from the CD (it's a pain if you reboot so plan 

And LVM2 will use LVM1 VGs, as long as there are no snapshot volumes.


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