[lug] Impressed by XBox Linux

Mike Stanczyk stanczyk at pcisys.net
Fri Jun 15 21:07:42 MDT 2007

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007, karl horlen wrote:

> is it possible for alex and seren to post their
> presentation somewhere/how?
> as it wasn't mentioned, what does one do with one of
> these xboxes once they're modified?  how are people
> intending on using the mod'd boxes out there?

The most popular use is as a media player.  A mod'd xbox
can play just about any media file upto roughly dvd resolution.

Alex demoed his playing an episode of futurama.  Mine will be a
frontend to my Mythtv box as soon as I find a resonably priced 
xbox.  Here xbox!  Here xbox!  That's a good xbox...


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