[lug] Are you ready: installfest, north, 2weeks?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sat Jul 7 21:31:57 MDT 2007

Did you notice the temperature outside today?  Stand in the sun for the
10.3 seconds it took to get heat stroke?[1]  Did you know that the DeVry
campus is air conditioned to a rather comfortable temperature?

Yeah, I'm betting on hot in the big blue room on the 21st.  So you
should plan to take advantage of all that AC (and WiFi, no less) and
come to the installfest at DeVry from 8 to 1:30 or so.

If you lost the link: http://cluedenver.org/display.php?node=installfest

There you go: your friendly Saturday reminder.


  1) Yeah, really--I suck at advertising, don't I?  So this is re-saying
what's been said, just to keep it in your frontal lobes.  Maybe I should
finally switch to project management.

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