[lug] fsck question

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 18:16:06 MDT 2007

> Generally, if fsck can, it will reattach files in
> <fs>/lost+found/

Nothing in there.  I guess that file is lost for good.

> I did find this page: 

> If you have an rpm based system, you can do rpm -Va
> which will validate 
> all rpm-installed software.  I don't believe /usr is
> supposed to have 
> volatile data, so using your packaging systems
> validation tools should 
> let you know whether or not something semi-important
> was damaged.  I'm 
> assuming if it were really important, you'd know and
> be asking a 
> different question.

I used rpm -Va and it did find a fair number of
packages with what appear to be S signature
differences.  Not really sure where those came from
since I have always used yum to install from the
default stock repo locations that are set at default


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