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* Calvin Dodge <caldodge at gmail.com> [2007-08-12 09:53:37 -0600]:

> On 8/11/07, David Kritzberg <david.kritzberg at colorado.edu> wrote:
> > Should pay respect to Microsoft by imitating their marketing
> > practices, like violating antitrust law then then hiring dozens of
> > lobbyists, making millions of dollars in political contributions, and
> I'm no Microsoft fan (I've had a prejudice against the company ever
> since my days as a budding programmer (late 70s), when I saw some of
> the bugs and poor programming in the ROM of the TRS-80 model 1), but
> to be fair, they mostly stayed out of the politics game (contributions
> AND lobbyists) UNTIL the USDOJ lawsuit (they got into politics in
> self-defense).

You're right it took them amazingly long to hire lobbyists, but then
they really invested, putting up a building in DC, and really spending
ever since.  It was self-defense, more or less, but they had done a
lot to put themselves in that position, don't you think?

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