[lug] Postscript Printer setup

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Wed Aug 15 10:13:16 MDT 2007

Steve Sullivan wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed an HP 2605dn printer on a USB port on Suse 10.2.  HP
> claims this printer understands postcript, but it doesn't work.  Yet
> when I hook it up to a Win XP box via USB the printer works fine.
> But when I use it from Suse via USB, no luck.  When I try to print a
> test page from the Suse configurator the printer light blinks,
> indicating it's receiving data, but no page is printed.  Similarly,
> when I "lp test.ps" the green light blinks, but no page is printed.
> Long ago with some previous printer I had a similar problem and did
> something like copy ctl-L to /dev/lp to force the page eject.
> But there is no /dev/lp on this Linux ... why not?
> How can I get this printer running?
> Many thanks,
> Steve

I've found linuxprinting.org a useful resource.


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