[lug] Postscript Printer setup

Mike Romberg mike.romberg at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 15 20:30:14 MDT 2007

>>>>> " " == Mike Romberg <Mike.Romberg at noaa.gov> writes:


     >   I'll check and post more about my setup after I get home
     > tonight.

  There are probably other ways to get this working.  Here is how I
have mine setup (using cups):

    Device URI:  socket://printerhostname:9100

    Paper Source:  Tray 2

    Driver:  ?????  The cups gui does not seem to want to display
                    this.  I think I used the closest one cups
                    offered.  It was the same model number without
                    the 'dn'.  God I miss the days when printing in
                    linux was simple and just worked.   I'm not sure
                    this whole cups thing qualifies as progress :).



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