[lug] Comcast Business - pretty good short term offer

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Aug 16 17:40:57 MDT 2007

The Comcast Business division (you know, the way you get multiple static 
IP's from Comcast and can run servers, etc...) is offering for a very 
short time a deal:

$59/mo 6m/768k with burst to 12m/1m
$89/mo 8m/1m with burst to 16m/1m

Static IP's:

3 year commitment required.

With the 3 year commitment, installation is free.

I didn't find out when it ends, but of course they always tell you 
"soon!".  (LOL!)

Just thought there might be some folks on the local lists that would be 
interested.  Pricing is very bad after the promotion, so... you'd have 
to do some shopping again later on...

(And pray that someone decided to start trenching in FIOS over at Qwest 
and that your neighborhood was first in line?  GRIN... keep dreaming...)

They're also offering a $50 referral bonus, so if you're thinking about 
it, let me know and I'll send ya whatever reference number they need or 
just put you in touch with the sales rep I was talking with.

Have loved FRII/Qwest transport for a long time, but those speeds are 
pretty hard to resist.  I guess I'll give it a try and report back to 
the lists how it goes...

A friend in Indianapolis reports that he gets the above pricing 
month-to-month from Comcast with no commitment and he's never seen the 
speed drop below his burst speed... he always runs at the higher rate, 
but Comcast is getting their butts kicked by FIOS out there.

Bring on that kind of competition here in the West!  :-)

I don't really want to deal with Comcast, but...


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