[lug] Comcast Business - pretty good short term offer

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Aug 17 08:52:03 MDT 2007

Steve Sullivan wrote:
> I use comcast with no complaints ... but not for servers.
> My concerns would be that it's easy to promise a top end of 768k outbound,
> but the fine print usually reads "up to 768k" meaning whatever bandwidth they
> have available at the moment.

Understood.  None of these boxes need much bandwidth upstream.
> The second problem with comcast, in my limited experience, is that when
> I had a business account and called in with trouble after hours,
> the tech support for business was gone and the call rolled to the
> residential support crew.  Sometimes they knew something, sometimes not ...
> YMMV.  Just never say the word "linux" or they'll refuse to deal with
> you in any way shape or form.  That's the end of the conversation.
> Pretend you have a windows box and they'll at least try to deal with
> the problem, whether or not they can actually help solve it.

This will be interesting.  I've been told they have a 24 hour SLA (not 
that great, for real business servers really) for business account issues.

> That said, for residential service (not servers) I've found comcast
> to be good.

Never used 'em.  First time.

> Does anyone have experience hosting servers on comcast static IPs?

I guess I will soon.  ;-)

None of the boxes I'm hosting at the house are "critical" for anyone 
(nor are any of them making any money... LOL!)... but they're "important 
enough" that I'll get complaints if the connectivity is poor.

So, if I don't report back -- all is well.  Otherwise, I'll be ranting 
and raving soon, I'm sure.  (BIG GRIN!)


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