[lug] FW: Student Buff Bulletin 08/30/2007

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Thu Aug 30 16:31:11 MDT 2007

At another university, it really just means they don't have to pay for 
the RHEL client/workstation version (which is normally $150) and they 
get access to RHN for patching their systems.

RHEL is not on the bleeding edge of anything so the packages start 
getting stale (which is useful in a corporate environment for some). 
There is a commitment to provide 5 or 7 (can't remember which) years of 
package updates.

I've seen a few posts by fedora folks claiming, "we are not RHEL alpha." 
  Recent changes to fedora governance would seem to support that, but RH 
is cherry picking what they want in fedora and incorporating into RHEL 
(and I imagine a good portion of the software packagers for RHEL are 
also involved with Fedora).

As a student that wants to try linux but doesn't want the rapid update 
cycle of Fedora, free RHEL would be worth the cost ;)


David Howland wrote:
>>From what I know Fedora is more of a testbed for untried technologies
> before they enter RHEL. I'm unsure of specific differences but it'd be
> great to know the details of this offer as my little sister just started
> at CU Boulder as well.
> siegfried wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> My daughter (who just enrolled in CU Boulder) tells me she can get red
>> hat enterprise for free. Can someone explain exactly what this means
>> and how this is different from downloading fedora? Does it mean free
>> support?
>> Thanks,
>> siegfried
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>> SUBJECT: Student Buff Bulletin 08/30/2007
>> Student Buff Bulletin
>> 30 August 2007, Thursday
>> A Boulder Campus digest of current events
>> The university's site license allows any fee-paying student to receive a
>> copy of RedHat Enterprise and all the updates for free for personal
>> computer use. Using the campus's site license will assure that you
>> receive the latest security updates from our local RedHat satellite
>> server. Interested? Contact the IT Service Center at help at colorado.edu
>> or 5-HELP for more information.
>> Contact: IT Service Center

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