[lug] FW: Student Buff Bulletin 08/30/2007

Collins Richey crichey at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 07:56:19 MDT 2007

On 8/30/07, David L. Anselmi <anselmi at anselmi.us> wrote:
> siegfried wrote:
> > Hey folks,
> >
> > My daughter (who just enrolled in CU Boulder) tells me she can get red hat
> > enterprise for free. Can someone explain exactly what this means and how
> > this is different from downloading fedora? Does it mean free support?
> It means that RH is trying to hook college kids on an inferior distro by
> giving them a break on licensing, same way as MS does.
> ;-) (Yeah, I know.  Some people would argue that RH isn't inferior in
> the way that MS is.)

There are those who maintain that RH === Linux. I, myself, would not
use the term inferior but rather ancient in the same sense that Debian
stable used to be until the past few years.

Collins Richey
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