[lug] GPS recommendation

Ben Burdette bburdette at comcast.net
Sat Sep 1 14:58:33 MDT 2007

A couple of solutions come to mind:

- the Neo1973 phone, but only if you are willing to hack around and live 
with partly working software for a while.  It has agps on board, but I'm 
not sure to what extent you can use that right now.  This is overkill if 
you just want GPS to use with a laptop though, and the next version will 
be pricey - 450$.  Current version is $300, but no wifi.  I'm planning 
on getting one, but I want to develop for it and I don't mind if its not 
working right away.  Bleeding edge right now, could be really cool in 
the future.


- I've use a Garmin etrex in the past, you can buy a 20$ cable to 
connect it to a serial port.  I've used it with some free windows 
software to download track logs and overlay them on topo maps.  This gps 
has been around for a long time, so there's probably good support for it 
on linux as well as windows, and its the bottom of the line garmin so 
its cheap. 



Chris Brotherton wrote:
> I am interested in getting a hand held GPS unit.  I was something that works
> with linux and that I can pull real time data off of.  The ability to load
> maps would be a nice feature, but probably not necessary.  Anyway, I am
> completely new to GPS units and looking for recommendations.
> Thanks
> Chris.
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