[lug] Wanted: Recommandations for HDD and Mem Upgrades for CU Freshman

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Tue Sep 18 11:46:48 MDT 2007


My daughter just received a couple of college scholarships. She received a
new (Del, I think) notebook as part of her first scholarship and recently
learned that she has to spend the money received from her second scholarship
or loose it.


I assume that Del (or whoever the mfr is) has a warranty still in effect.
(Unfortunately, it is not convenient for me to consult the warranty
documents since they are with her and not me). Does this mean we should not
consider a local shop for upgrading her disk drive and memory? She has 2 GB
ram, 80GB disk. 


The original manufacturer did not include a Windows Vista installation CD!
They did, however, create a couple of extra partitions from which a virgin
(Vista) OS could be restored.


Since she is using it continually it might be a hardship to pack it up and
send it back to Del HQ.


I was going to suggest she go to a local retailer or repair shop, have them
install the largest hard drive they can find, buy a windows installation CD,
configure it for dual windows and linux boot and max out the RAM while they
are at it. Now do you think Del would do this if she were able to do without
it for a week?


Does anyone have any compelling arguments as to why a CU freshman who is
majoring in architectural engineering would need a dual boot windows/linux
machine instead of just a vista boot? If so, I'll pass them on to her.



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