[lug] 3 week countdown.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Sep 18 20:39:03 MDT 2007

OK, this will have to serve as your (less than) 2 week notice to 
installfest.  Let's see, you have to know about parking and when the 
doors lock--check the CLUE web site.  Other than that you should be set. 
  Watch the speed traps north of US 36 on I-25 when you come down.

If you're coming with a question other than, "How do I put Linux on 
this?" let the list know so the people with the answers know to come 
help you.

I'm ambivalent about lunch.  Last time we had donuts and that was fine. 
  I probably can't do anything afterwards, we'll have company at home. 
So if you really want to order something, or to go get something, let me 
know when you arrive and we'll figure it out.

David Howland wrote:
> I'm hoping to make it out and I've got current install media for Gentoo
> (x86, SPARC64, mips64), Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS that I will bring.

Thanks David, that will be helpful.  Especially if you arrive closer to 
9am than 1pm.

>> The DeVry network is managed to support their on-line classes so we
>> shouldn't count on it for huge downloads or network installs.  We might
>> get lucky but you never know.

> I attend the Westminster campus and they've got the entire site running
> through a single T1. Nearly anything not bound for devryu.net or
> devry.edu is throttled. I've seen problems reaching servers for Ubuntu
> and Fedora updates. I installed Gentoo around 4 months ago on a computer
> on site and didn't have too many problems (it was from 6-10pm though).
> But again, it's definitely geared for online classes and windows domain
> logins through Chicago (yuck!).

>> Yeah, no one wants to drive from Boulder to DTC.  But you need a trip
>> to Softpro, don't you?  And if you don't make it now they won't be as
>> close as DTC when you need them.

> Don't forget Microcenter. Never a bad place to kill some time..

Good point!
See you on the 29th!

P.S. My neighbor got some Elk during black powder season last weekend. 
So it will be too late to use that as an excuse not to come. ;-)

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