[lug] Promise Vtrak performance

Steve A Hart Shart at colorado.edu
Mon Nov 26 23:24:58 MST 2007

If you buy Dell, buy the top end support.  That's the only way to get to 
the techs who know anything.  Their standard support is beyond a joke.

I'm running a Dell server right now and it runs well.  I'd never buy a 
dell desktop or laptop period.  There are far better options out there.

Just my two cents...

Collins Richey wrote:
> On Nov 26, 2007 9:09 AM, Louis Miller <veganguy at canadaseek.com> wrote:
>> Dear Collins,
>>      Does that mean that Dell's Business Customer Service is excellent, while their consumer Customer Service is retarded, superficial or idiotic?
> Don't have a clue, since I don't own any Dell equipment. Dell released
> a bunch of Desktop PCs (270 series) a couple of years back with
> failing MBs (substandard capacitors) and the D600 series of laptops.
> Both of these had high failure rates at our business. They may well
> have corrected the problems now, but I wouldn't touch them with a fork
> since they could decide at any time to cheap out the production line.

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