[lug] OT: local service to Load 35 mm slides onto a cd or dvd

Paul E Condon pecondon at mesanetworks.net
Tue Nov 27 13:27:18 MST 2007

On Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 09:45:34AM -0700, Elyse M. Grasso wrote:
> I have some 35 mm slides that my Dad took years ago. I'd like to get them 
> transferred to digital media so my brothers can have copies and I can view 
> them conveniently. 
> Any recommendations for or against local companies that offer such transfers?

Mike's Camera has a scanning service. Its too expensive for me. 

I've used Memories to Digital (www.mtdigital.com). It also costs more
than I could really afford the the my whole job ( approx. 6000
slides), so I only had a small sample done. The work was well done,
but I'll need to win the lottery.

I've scanned some slides myself on a Canon scanner. It is very slow
work.  I don't think the cost is out of line with the someone earning
a living wage. Its amazing how careful one has to be in cleaning each 
slide before you scan it. 

mtdigital has a nice service of turning a bunch of slides into a DVD
that plays on a DVD player as a slide show, but the really big cost is
in scanning enough individual slides to fill a dvd. 

Paul E Condon           
pecondon at mesanetworks.net

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