[lug] Promise Vtrak performance

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Tue Nov 27 19:43:54 MST 2007

Zan Lynx writes:
> The guys on the 2CPU.com forums seem to like Areca controllers a lot.  I

Other sites have said the same.  I bought an Areca 1130ML from PC
Pitstop.  The SATA cabling systems are quite complicated so I called.
The guy was quite knowledgeable, btw.

I also took apart the Promise box in the hopes that it could be used
as an enclosure.  It's quite well engineered (no internal cables) so I
figured it was cheaper to buy a 12-bay enclosure.

Thanks for the help.  I'll report back with results in a couple of weeks.


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