[lug] Next installfest.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Dec 2 19:51:24 MST 2007

As you might have guessed, the installfest for this month has fallen 
through.  DeVry Westminster is undergoing construction so they are not 
available into next year.  There is a possibility that their policy on 
non-profit use of their space will change after the construction as 
well, so we'll see whether we can go back there in March.

Having missed the November date we'll shoot for January at DeVry Denver 
South on either the 5th or the 19th.  I'll post when I get confirmation.

Once we get past January we'll see whether we can find a north location 
for March.  If not we'll probably continue at DeVry South and switch 
from bi-monthly to quarterly.

Don't forget that in the world of volunteer organizations it never hurts 
to think about alternate locations for meetings.


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