[lug] domain registrat recommendations

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Sun Dec 2 20:41:43 MST 2007

I need to transfer my domain registrations.  My current registrar
offered some options such as godaddy.com, ghandi.com and register.com.
Godaddy is cheap but it looks like it's the kind of place to sell my
info and I'll end up with all kinds of crap in the mail (postal and
electronic).  Register.com is a bit pricey compared to others (as is
Network Solutions).  Ghandi looks good but is not US-based and the
pricing is in Euro's.  

Anyone have a recommendation for a regsitrar they work with, are happy
with, and won't end up selling my info or cause me all kinds of
administrative headaches dealing with junk mail?

My old registrar used to just email me when a registration was about to
expire and I just emailed back to renew for a given period.  It was
quick and simple.  I'd like to have something similar if at all

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