[lug] domain registrat recommendations

Chip Atkinson chip at pupman.com
Sun Dec 2 20:47:24 MST 2007

I've had good luck with tummy.com.  I thought their service was excellent
on the rare occasion that I needed it.


On Sun, 2 Dec 2007, Michael J. Hammel wrote:

> I need to transfer my domain registrations.  My current registrar
> offered some options such as godaddy.com, ghandi.com and register.com.
> Godaddy is cheap but it looks like it's the kind of place to sell my
> info and I'll end up with all kinds of crap in the mail (postal and
> electronic).  Register.com is a bit pricey compared to others (as is
> Network Solutions).  Ghandi looks good but is not US-based and the
> pricing is in Euro's.  
> Anyone have a recommendation for a regsitrar they work with, are happy
> with, and won't end up selling my info or cause me all kinds of
> administrative headaches dealing with junk mail?
> My old registrar used to just email me when a registration was about to
> expire and I just emailed back to renew for a given period.  It was
> quick and simple.  I'd like to have something similar if at all
> possible.
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