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dio2002 at indra.com dio2002 at indra.com
Mon Dec 3 14:09:45 MST 2007

>> They're Linux based and as a Canadian company there may be some 
>> advantages with regard to the madness that is Homeland Security.
> Like?
> Nate

since the topic was brought up, i thought i'd mention that anyone using 
email of any kind should generally be careful these days.  i believe 
laws exist even outside of homeland security that require most companies 
to log email for x number of years.  whether or not your company is 
following the laws, your email communications can and will be used 
against you.  and they will probably be used in ways that haven't even 
become mainstream yet.

with the popularity of free web services, like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, 
etc, the privacy concerns are even greater.  you have huge companies 
amassing great amounts of information on individuals.

one company that begins with a G has every search you've made.  you sign 
up for their ad sharing  programming and now they have your street 
address, bank account and in some cases i've heard even your ssn. you 
open up a personal and possibly a business mail account with them and 
they have access to all your email and can cross reference your 
communications with every other customer that uses their mail service. 
Combine that with the fact that most websites use urchin (bought by the 
G) and or some other type of G web tracking these days and they know 
you're surfing habits.  All told, you've got a pretty top notch 
intelligence system that surpasses what the govt has to offer.

G (and i'm sure yahoo, hotmail, etc) doesn't get rid of this data.  they 
archive it.  when the govt comes beating down the door you think they're 
going to stand firm on not offering it up?  and if not today, what about 
2 years from now?

the current line is the info (i mean intelligence) is all so somebody 
can tailor an ad specifically for me.  i have never clicked on an add my 
entire life!

regardless, i imagine that this intelligence is going to be used pretty 
badly and in ways we can't imagine in the years to come.

my 2 cents

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