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Ken MacFerrin lists at macferrin.com
Mon Dec 3 21:11:56 MST 2007

Nate Duehr wrote:
> Michael Belanger wrote:
>> dio2002 at indra.com wrote:
>>>> monitored, and only Qwest (of all strange things -- which includes a
>>>> lot of domestic fiber on Anchutz's former railroad's track lines)
>>>> seems to have stood up to illegal wiretapping of customers --
>>>> costing them a lot of money.  (Read some of the proceedings of the
>>>> Naccio trial.)  Not much 
>>> i found that odd too.  the crook that got busted actually did
>>> something quite admirable.  it's possible that he was trying to cover
>>> his own butt on that one and in the process, customers benefitted.
>> Naccio is a prick.  he was almost certainly looking out for his number
>> ones and number twos.
> Many CEO's are.
> There's quite a lot of evidence that many are sociopaths, and/or
> Asperger's Syndrome "sufferers", and also the usual evidence that humans
> rarely do things (even charitable things) without some form of personal
> "gain".
> Lots of psych studies on that topic in the last couple of decades,
> starting in the 80's when psychologists earnestly started studying the
> "yuppie" phenomenon.  Most seem to unintentionally support the generic
> concepts of existentialism in their results, without saying so.
> Not sure that Naccio being a "prick" should be much of a surprise to
> anyone.  Most folks in his position have "prickish" tendencies these days.
> It takes a special kind of human being to get paid 100x what even their
> best employees make and not have any moral issues with that, and still
> show up for work expecting to make more.
> Mostly it takes an ego and an entitlement mentality that are unsurpassed.

If someone made me a job offer for $10M+ a year I'd probably start to
think I must be pretty special as well.  Maybe a little chicken n' egg
scenario here.

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