[lug] Open source laptops for kids - OLPC offer

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Thu Dec 6 19:17:40 MST 2007

Fox has a surprisingly good article on "The Laptop That Could Change
the World"


Idealistic?  Yes.  Possible?  Yes.  Likely?  Likely enough to want to
be involved....

The one thing they don't focus on much is the importance of it being
open source (including a "view source" key (gear symbol) on the
laptop, integrated into many if not most applications.  Think how cool
it will be to have kids improving their own software!


You can buy two (one for you, one to be donated to a kid in a
developing country) between now and Dec 31 for $400.


I've ordered/donated mine :-) and I know there are others in the area
who already have them.  They are more fun when used together - any
other takers?

Neal McBurnett                 http://mcburnett.org/neal/

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