[lug] Asus Eee PC

Robert Racansky robert.racansky at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 08:40:40 MST 2008

Has anyone seen one of these [ http://eeepc.asus.com/ ] yet?


January 16, 2008

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000Y33CVM ] that I mentioned a while
back. Unlike the two supertiny computers that I reviewed [
http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/reviews/4242980.html ]for
Popular Mechanics, this is big enough to type on, and the 7" screen is
big enough to read. I wouldn't want to write a book, or even a law
review article, on this gadget, but as a (comparatively) inexpensive
portable blogging tool it''s not bad.

UPDATE: Reader Laura Blanchard emails:

        I bought one after you blogged about it, and it's a dandy
road machine. Most folks don't need to do much other than e-mail and
note-taking (or in your case blogging) on the road. This thing is
small and light enough that I am willing to carry a laptop almost all
the time now.

        It was the EEE or a Blackberry for me. EEE wins.

Yeah. And it costs 1/5 what my little Sony did, which not only makes
it cheaper to buy, but also lets you worry less about losing it or
having it stolen.

posted at 10:57 PM by Glenn Reynolds

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