[lug] cold laptop

David Howland david.howland at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 15:58:51 MST 2008

Like Michael said the bag is probably only worth it if the machine goes
into it before the temperature change. The screen will probably be most
sensitive to the temperature change so you'll want to pay attention to
that when waiting for the laptop to warm up again. If you do get any
moisture in the laptop just be very sure to clear it all out before
turning the machine on. It wouldn't be a bad idea to remove the battery
so that if it does get wet you wont risk the machine remaining on or
turning on and frying itself.

Michael Belanger wrote:
> Argh.. I wouldn't bother with the plastic bag unless you bag it before
> the drastic temperature change.  Condensation will happen almost
> immediately if the hotel is humidified.
> Otherwise, just letting it get back up to room temperature is probably
> adequate.
> Kenneth D Weinert wrote:
>> I'd treat it like they say to treat cameras that you bring in from the
>> cold.
>> Allow it to warm up when you bring it in, but put it in a plastic bag as
>> soon as you bring it in (this is to minimize condensation.)
>> On Fri, 2008-01-18 at 09:58 -0700, durist at frii.com wrote:
>>> I'm going up to Leadville this weekend, staying at a hotel for one
>>> night and then doing a ski hut trip. My wife needs to do some work,
>>> so I'm planning to bring a laptop (IBM thinkpad T40), but the laptop
>>> will end up sitting in the car for two cold days and one very cold
>>> night while we're at the hut. I'm thinking I'll leave the battery at
>>> home since we won't need it in the hotel. As long as it rewarms
>>> slowly, should I be otherwise concerned? As far as I know they don't
>>> ship laptops to stores in heated trucks in the winter... or do they?
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