[lug] BLUG_talk > /dev/youtube ?

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sat Jan 19 08:29:20 MST 2008

Jeffrey Haemer wrote:
> My company has a stack of VCR cassettes of presentations that I can't watch
> because I don't even have a TV.  Bummer.  Some of the titles look
> interesting.  I was thinking, yesterday, "Too bad they're not on YouTube."
> That metamorphosed into, "Hey.  I wonder if anyone in BLUG would be
> interested in videotaping some of the BLUG talks.  We could put *them* onto
> YouTube."
> Anybody out there (a) interested in doing this? (b) know how? (c) have some
> of the necessary equipment?
> It'd be nice if this thread didn't degenerate into flames about YouTube or
> VCRs.  It'd be nice if someone gave me a million bucks.

For the quick and dirty, someone could take an iBook toward the front 
and use the built-in camera to do video capture.

If someone had a digital camcorder, that would obviously be better.

What if the thread devolved into a million flaming Youtube dollars as 
viewed with a VCR? ;)

I would think that you could use a tv tuner card (like a Hauppage) to 
capture the output of the VCR.


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