[lug] Mailman question

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Mon Mar 10 07:11:30 MDT 2008

karl horlen wrote:
> Perfect.
> The key is to specify the interface and the port.  
> Even better that you anticipated my followup question
> which was how easy the dump would be to read.  It
> sounds like you need another utility 'wireshark' to
> make analyzing the dump manageable.
> Any reason why one would use or prefer tcpdump over
> ethereal?

You can also use tethereal or tcpdump to review the dump.  My preference 
for wireshark is based on laziness.

I use tcpdump on servers where wireshark/X isn't necessarily installed. 
  I then scp it to my workstation and do the analysis there.


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