[lug] Mailman question

Chip Atkinson chip at pupman.com
Mon Mar 10 08:22:32 MDT 2008

I looked at the headers for both the working and non-working logins and I
didn't see either of them saying cookies yes or no.  He uses IE and FF,
both with the same results.  I'm pretty sure he's fairly technically
savvy and knows about cookies.

I'm still quite puzzled.  Thanks for the ideas too.

On Sun, 9 Mar 2008, David L. Anselmi wrote:

> Chip Atkinson wrote:
> [...]
> > I used tcpdump to see what happened when he attempts to log in and I do
> > log in.  The one thing that I have that he doesn't is this:
> > 
> > Set-Cookie:
> > tesla+admin=280200c7148300<bunch-o-numbers deleted>3633643134;
> > Path=/mailman/; Version=1;
> > 
> > That's why I thought it was cookies but he says his browser has cookies
> > for my domain enabled, so that is likely not the problem.
> Were there any differences in the HTTP headers (like "I don't accept 
> cookies" or "I love cookies" respectively)?
> Can he actually see that the cookie is set in his browser (Mozilla shows 
> me a list of what it's keeping)?
> He says he allows cookies but maybe he doesn't understand what you're 
> saying.
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> Dave
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